As multiple fashion weeks are coming to an end there is still a fantastic display of outfits on Instagram from our Celebrity babes. With Rihanna showcasing her Fenty x Puma collection; Emma Watson going all smart casual and Maisie Williams rocking the red carpet with not only her dress but choice of eye shadow, it is clear to say it has been a superb week for style.

Here at Read Fashion we have chosen our top five favourite outfits seen on Instagram this week.

Maisie Williams


From her badass character Arya in Game of Thrones, to blossoming into a badass actress, Maisie has gone all out this week at the Emmy’s. Her dress resembles the Japanese culture as it sprouts stunning flowers that seem to have been embroidered onto a silk like black dress. The dress alone is a stand out piece but combined with her shoes, hair and makeup you can’t get more outgoing than this look. Bold eye shadow is always a statement and here we believe Maisie pulls off the emerald green eye amazingly.

Emma Watson


We are loving this androgynous look Emma has going on here. Flash back to Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour Emma is really going all out sexy and smart. Her hair and makeup has been kept simplistic making her outfit the center of this look, and the trim around the top of the trousers give a really feminine touch, finishing off the outfit perfectly.

Miranda Kerr


Maybe not dressed for the weather but really trying to drag out the summer, Miranda is seen in a gorgeous black circle skirt and a flowery blue bikini top. It’s a look to die for. The high waisted skirt pins in her waist giving her an hourglass figure to shout about. With a matching hat and blood red lips to top it all off this one really seductive way to water the garden.

Kim Kardashian West


Now, in our mind tracksuits and bodices should not be worn together. One is for lazy days and another is for going out. But somehow, even though this breaks every unwritten fashion law, Kim manages to pull off this look effortlessly. The black lace juxtaposed with this style of pants is daring and outgoing and completely reflects her personality. Pair with a choker and Kim’s straight black hair this outfit has turned tracksuits into a classy statement piece. Maybe tracksuits and lace should become the next new trend.



Rihanna has been promoting her Fenty x Puma range for the past month and boy does it look glamorous. Here she has posted a photo up of her in a stunning bronze hoodie featuring long wide sleeves and a shiny mac to match. she brings class and style to the look by sporting a pearl choker and wearing a lipstick that brings out the colour of her hoodie, making her makeup choice and outfit tie is as one.