Being tall, I always find it interesting to see which celebs are near my height, and what they wear to pull off the long legged lanky look for inspiration. When Taylor Swift first came onto the scene, it was a dream come true that it wasn’t just models who made their towering torsos look elegant. She strutted her way to fame in knee length dresses (that was actually supposed to be knee length!), and has conquered the pop world without looking down on her competition – she also wears heels which to me, being 5’11, is a complete accolade.

Here are Read Fashion we have stalked the web to find our top Hollywood babes that rock the stilettos, even if they are over 5’10. There are a few obvious ones we have thrown into the mix, but also a lot of unsuspecting ladies of length that that you will be completely familiar with but unknowing of their Hollywood heights.